It's Time to Create a World You Can't Wait to Wake up to

Don't be fooled; the Collective is not your average transformative group coaching program- it's a way of life.

This 90-day experience lays the foundation for an eternity of unparalleled evolution and genuine gratification.

Together, future-focused women learn to prioritize themselves while implementing the necessary tools and practices to optimize their success, stress, and sanity. 



You're a boss, but that doesn't mean you should take on this world alone.

Get the love and encouragement you deserve as you move through the ebbs and flows of the program and beyond.

There are no judgments; the Collective is a safe space for you to be authentic and true. 


Believe me when I tell you, common sense isn't always common practice.

You're most likely aware of all that you want to be doing more/less of, however, you're still dropping the ball.

The commitment you establish is often what it takes to solidify real, lasting change. 


Bridge the gap from the woman you are now to the woman you aspire to become.

Tap into your values, priorities, and goals to define what happiness and fulfillment look and feel like to you.

This program will serve as a catalyst for a lifetime of growth and development. 

We've all been there. The hype is REAL after reading the inspirational book or attending that amazing personal development seminar.

You leave on such a high, only to crash and burn shortly thereafter. You are given the tools to succeed but aren't equipped with the continued support necessary to truly thrive. 

When joining Mindset Makeover, you aren't simply signing up for a 12-week coaching program just to be left in the dust when our time together is through. You are paving the way for a lifetime of loyalty, encouragement, and sisterhood.

At the "end" of your transformational experience with our crew, you have the option to keep up the good work by joining the girls of the Collective for "Continuation."

Think of this like AA meets book club.

Kind of like a gym membership, but for your mind- a necessity to maintain all of the progress you've made.


Imagine if... 

  • You had the tools and practices to truly get your life in order
  • You were able to remain consistent and disciplined in your pursuit of success 
  • You felt a genuine sense of clarity and purpose
  • You regained confidence in yourself
  • You could acquire an authentic community that has your back
  • You could push past your perfectionism and self-doubt 
  • You didn't constantly feel stuck

the Collective was designed for the woman who is ready and willing to up-level, amplifying her relationship with herself and others.

In Mindset Makeover, you take back control.

It is my proven system—a blueprint for positioning yourself as the ultimate authority in your life.

Those who participate in this game-changing experience learn to become unapologetic in their pursuit of fulfillment and abundance.

They establish essential boundaries and deepen their connection to the Divine.

They begin by getting tuned in, establishing where they are headed on this adventure and why. Then we work together to develop rewarding routines, knowing that the magic lies in staying consistent enough to see our goals and dreams through.

These women don't just get inspired; they are encouraged/expected to implement all of the knowledge they acquire for life.


What the Ladies of the Collective Are Saying


"You connected strangers and made us all feel like family and that we all belong to something bigger than ourselves. You are a force to be reckoned with, and you have so much overflowing love and positivity to give I'm forever grateful for everything you've done and continue to do for each and every one of us. You'll never know just how much you mean to us because there are not enough words to describe it!"


"90 days ago, I took a leap into Mindset Makeover, and I can not imagine my life without it. This was the best investment I could have ever made. I learned how to love myself, take time for myself, hold myself accountable, journal, and just love life no matter what!"


"Stormy Barbara was the blessing I never knew I needed. She offered a judgment-free zone, helping to give us the tools we needed to move forward and let go of the past that we let linger for too long. So genuine, kind, supportive, and loving. When you feel like you have no place to turn you are not alone. Mindset makeover can help you overcome your negative mindset and put your best foot forward to moving on in a better direction."





It is, but only if...

You're ready to take the information gained to drastically improve your life and get REAL, lasting results.

You're a genuine, heart-centered person looking to impact more lives than just your own.

You have an inner knowing that you're made for more and are tired of settling for less than you're worthy of.

The time is now to step out of your comfort zone and take massive inspired action.

I am living proof of what's possible when you shatter your fears, co-create with the universe, and pursue your passions.

Together we will help you become the most idealized version of yourself- on top of feeling truly alive for the first time; you will learn to conquer any challenge or upset you face with ease and grace. The world will be yours for the taking.


The only self-development community you'll ever need again.

Get the necessary support and accountability to put yourself first, ditch the excuses, and finally feel the satisfaction you not only desire, but deserve.