My Name is Stormy Barbara, and I am a yogi and mindset coach on a mission to radically improve the lives of those around me.

A true Sagittarius soul, I seek to understand the intricacies of the world and aim to teach my students how to do the same. 

The most overwhelming and traumatic moments in my life have shaped me, BUT time and time again, I’ve used my adversity to fuel my strength.

I believe in progress over perfection and know that the best direction to fail is always forward.

I have spent years ruthlessly committed to my mastering my craft. I have undoubtedly made mistakes along the way, but that's what makes me THAT much more equipped to help you- I've been through/seen it all before myself.

I am tirelessly committed to my efforts and have the confidence necessary to lead from the front.


I typically like to keep my accomplishments to myself- after all; confidence is silent, insecurity is loud.

Still, after a potential client shared concerns around the value of my services/coaching program due to my perceived lack of "experience"/qualifications, it only seems appropriate to come back and shamelessly share all of the awesome shit I've done.

  • 1992: Born and raised in New York
  • Danced competitively from age 5-15
  • Was a signed voice-over artist in NYC at nine years old, booking jobs with companies such as Campbells, Khols, Ambien, Build-a-Bear, James Patterson, and more
  • 2007: Went to the private boarding school, The Governor's Academy 
  • 2008: Parents got divorced after 28 years together, completely shattering the lives of my three sisters and I
  • 2011: Took a "gap year" and lived/studied abroad in Barcelona
  • Went to FIT for Jewelry Design, dropped out to become an entrepreneur
  • 2012: Created my first line, Stormy Weathered, hand-making one of a kind pieces
  • 2014: Traveled to Bali for two months to become a certified yoga teacher
  • Continued on to receive specialty certifications in meditation, prenatal, standup paddleboard, kids, and restorative yoga
  • 2015: Wrote and published my first book, Tequilla to the Tao
  • Lived in Manhattan from 18-28 years old
  • Mom shared the news she was with a woman
  • 2016: Became a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • 2017: Landed a teaching job at NY's premier fitness club, Equinox (despite not meeting the requirement of five years of teaching experience)
  • Started learning about the magic of Essential oils and became a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA 
  • Became a Certified Essential Oils Coach through Dr.Axe's Essential Oil Institute
  • 2019: Hired my first four-figure business coach
  • 2020: Launched my first ever group coaching program, Mindset Makeover 
  • 2021: Became a Certified High-Performance Coach through Brendon Burchard
  • Launched my podcast, Surviving the Storm

I only travel with a carry-on and am the worlds BEST packer

I have been to 38 countries, some of my favorites including (but not limited to) Egypt, Norway, Vietnam, Amsterdam, and Hawaii

Read 45 books in 2020 alone

I prefer life barefoot

My handbags are my babies, but I shop otherwise at thrift stores and Zara

I'm a TOTAL foodie and am a sucker for condiments 

I taught myself how to speak Spanish

Quality time is my love language (with words of affirmation and physical touch tied for a close second)

I'm OBSESSED with my Peloton #feelgoodlookgood

My family is my EVERYTHING

I hope that in following along with my journey, you will not only be inspired but encouraged to seek clarity and push forward towards your dreams with unmatched discipline and desire.

Ultimately, whether we choose to work together or not, I honor that you simply reading this message is a HUGE stepping stone on your path to greatness. In the end, the work I do isn't for me- it's to better the lives of my tribe.

My mission is to cause a ripple effect- not just making a massive impact on my clients but also on everyone I contact.

I aspire to have my legacy be one of unconditional love and leadership and I'm thrilled to be on this path with you.

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