Feelings & Food as Medicine with Jake Thompson

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2021

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • All about certified therapeutic chef Jake Thompson and how a family illness triggered an interest in health and wellness
  • The power of networking (and how the Universe often sets you up to meet the right people at the right time) 
  • Jakes journey with alternative medicine and how he chooses to help people feel their best (supporting them through lifestyle and nutrition to reach/maintain optimal health)
  • Food is medicine
  • The adventure of culinary entrepreneurship (and the parallel Jake has made with monumental moments in his life)
  • The need for gratitude (and preparing yourself for the worst-case scenario)
  • Personal stories of setbacks followed by bouts of success 
  • How looking healthy doesn't necessarily mean everything is okay inside, but eating healthier can lead to a more vibrant life
  • His experience working on an organic farm and how the decision to listen to his body led to massive change 
  • That blood work revealed many food sensitivities (and why it's important to know what's going on within yourself!)
  • Health is not only a personal responsibility but a choice
  • Jakes perspective on dealing with death
  • Working through everything made him more resilient (but how different stages of grief affect you differently)
  • That mindset and having a vision shifts everything
  • What it feels like as a man to lose it all
  • A bit about his new cannabinoid-infused culinary oil, Therapeutic Kitchen
  • What his annual cleanse looks like
  • Jakes take on the benefits of cold water/breathwork (and how he's feeling as a result of it)
  • What life was like living without an iPhone for a week (aka resulting in him feeling more present and alive)
  • To get curious about what you are searching for when you open up an app on your phone
  • Tips for overcoming leaky gut (why you might consider introducing a probiotic + eliminating environmental toxins)



Michael Newton: The Life Between Lives 

Eckhart Tolle

Wim Hof


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