Motherhood & Making Your Life Count with Amanda Barbara

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • About one woman's journey as she juggles the role of a full-time mom AND National Sales Manager 
  • Tips on how to manage "wearing all the hats" (while having a type of personality)
  • How to put yourself first 
  • Ways to work around the fear of thinking "will my child know/love me" if work takes me away from home.
  • How to own the woman you are (There is no "right" way to be a mom!)
  • That it's okay not to know which direction you want to take, and you have permission to explore your passions.
  • That the life lived in her 20's taught her who she wanted to be in her 30's
  • What Amanda would do differently looking back (if anything!)
  • That there is a difference in following your heart vs. always doing what you're told.
  • Her view on the need to educate the youth of today around what else is out there/their options for being successful 
  • Her experience on Semester At Sea and how being immersed in culture was her greatest teacher.
  • The depth that traveling affords (once you expand, you can't go back!)
  • A story sharing the power of manifestation/visualization
  • Why it's pointless to compare where you are to anyone else. 
  • That you need to incorporate doing what makes you happy into your daily life (AND that it's okay to take breaks and put yourself first!) 
  • Why you should be present and separate yourself from your phone every once in a while
  • That delegating and getting help will help you in more ways than one.
  • Amanda's journey becoming a certified health coach and advice on how to live as your best self 
  • What moms should be doing pre/post-pregnancy to provide the most optimal environment for themselves and their baby 
  • How to make the necessary household changes that will benefit their kids' well-being long term
  • A bit about her blog "Modern Mommies."


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